Current projects within BiomACS

Here you find information about running projects within BiomACS together with the project partners involved.

Personalized Resorbable Osteosynthetic Fixation Devices Through Rapid Manufacturing (Profix)

PolyVation, VDL, BiomACS, Elbo Technics, Innovizie, Smartpolymers and the UMCG aim to develop a rapid fabrication route where bone fixation implants are being tailor-made for the specific situation of each patient. For more information see also the website of the Personalised Impants Ecosystem .

Screening technology for optimal medical materials (MedScreen)

In this SNN-EFRO-project BiomACS' screening technology will make the transition from in vitro screening to in vivo preclinical validated new cardiovascular stents. BiomACS is teaming-up with the UMCG-Surgery, Biomedical Engineering, and Bentley to develop a novel endovascular stent graft that minimizes secondary complications such as leakage and displacement.