The people

Founders of BiomACS:

— Richard Hamstra

CEO/CFO & Founder

Richard Hamstra is experienced in finance, law, and business development. With a background in Management, Economics, and Law (MER, Hanze University of applied science, Groningen) and Business administration (University of Groningen), he has had various functions such as Financial advisor for ING and Private Banker as well as account manager for large business relations (>5M€) at Rabobank. Since 2018 he joined VENI Financials as co-owner focusing on finance, business development, and investments for both the corporate and private sector.

— Patrick van Rijn

CSO & Founder

Dr. Patrick van Rijn is currently running an independent research group within the department of Biomedical Engineering at the University Medical Center Groningen. His research focuses on understanding the interaction between materials and cells with the specific aim to develop materials that are able to direct biological functions. Particular focus is placed on the question how multiple physical parameters simultaneously act and influence cellular behavior. For this end, the BiomACS technology was developed in his group and is now being used for answering fundamental questions concerning stem cell differentiation but also to investigate tissue engineering and regenerative medicine approaches. Dr. van Rijn has his background in Chemistry (University of Groningen) and did his PhD research at Delft University of Technology. During his postdoctoral research as an Alexander von Humboldt research-fellow, he further developed his expertise towards materials science which, he is now applying to biomedical problems.