EFRO Project granted for BiomACS BV

The SNN has granted an EFRO subsidy to the consortium of BiomACS BV and UMCG. Cardiovascular stents will be the target of improvement in this project.

Project granted within Personalised Implants Ecosystem

A large consortium project PROFIX within the Personalised Implants Ecosystem has been funded in which BiomACS BV takes part together with other innovotive regional partner.

BiomACS BV, the biomedical screening and developing company originating from the technology from the department of Biomedical Egineering within the University Medical Center, is highlighted by Northern Knowledge, the UMCG, and the University for the full story, please visit:

BiomACS Technology highlighted by KennisInzicht

KennisInzicht, the platform to inform the general public about new technology and research originating from the UMCG, has highlighted the BiomACS technology platform.

" Snelle test beoordeelt geschiktheid implantaten ". (Dutch)